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Teaching Forgiveness

Teaching Forgiveness

  • Practical Processes to Teach People How to Forgive
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Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

Practical Appreciative Inquiry based strategies to effectively resolve grief and resentment.

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The Appreciative Way
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Training Program: Teach Them How to Forgive

Are you tired of living in a world that:

  • Is saturated by resentment
  • Places a huge value on revenge
  • Confuses revenge and punishment with justice
  • Doesn't know how to find the freedom of forgiveness

Then come and learn how to teach people to forgive!

Become a healing presence in your community.

Training Schedule: Teach Them How to Forgive

No Teach Them How to Forgive workshops are scheduled at this time.

Please see training schedule for a complete listing of all training programs.

In addition to these practioner training programs we also provide retreats for people want to learn how to forgive or find peace in their work and daily life

Course Description: Forgiveness Training Program:
Teach Them How to Forgive!

"Jesus told us we need to forgive but he never taught us how." - Steve Andreas

Forgiving others is actually quite easy when you know how.
Sadly many in our world and in our communities of faith do not know how.

One of the big contributors to this "not knowing how" is that words like resentment, forgiveness, and reconciliation are used in teaching programs and sermons without ever being defined in behavioral ways that help the hearers implement a forgiveness strategy.

In this one-day training program we will behaviorally define these terms and you will learn specific steps to lead a person from a state of resentment to a state of forgiveness.

Forty years I´ve been carrying this resentment, had therapy with two psychiatrists about it, and now in just a few minutes it´s gone. It´s like a miracle. Diane, a forgiveness retreat participant.

Recommended Text

Most of this program is based on Rob Voyle's book Restoring Hope: Appreciative Strategies to Resolve Resentment and Grief. You can purchase it from The Appreciative Way Bookstore.

Rob has also written a brief description of the forgiveness process in his blog:
Teach Them to Forgive this Sunday and 9/11: Resentment, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation.

Learning Objectives

As a result of participanting in this program you will be able to:

  1. Create basic internal resources such as the golden thread of life and unconditional love to create a stable foundation for forgiving others;
  2. Use the three faces of compassion: tenderness, fierceness, and mischievousness as an agent of transformation in the world;
  3. Discover how clients uniquely organize and structure their internal experience of memories of past injuries, resentments, and states of forgiveness;
  4. Resolve internal objections and resistance to forgiving; - seeking and satisfying objections to forgiving to ensure sustainable outcomes;
  5. Restructure internal experiences of resentment into internal experiences of forgiveness;
  6. Create internal resources to enable clients to remain grounded and engaged, rather than resentful or avoidant, in the presence of people who violate the client's values;

Who Should Attend This Program

Teach Them How to Forgive is open to:

  • Psychologists, Consultants, Coaches, and Counselors.
  • Clergy who want to teach their parishioners how to forgive.
  • Spiritual Directors and Chaplains.

In addition to this program we also offer a Forgiveness Retreat for people who want to resolve their personal resentments.

Continuing Education Credit

This program qualifies for 6 hours of continuing education credit.

Partial continuing education credit is not provided. You must attend all 6 hours to receive continuing education credit.

Workshop Format

The workshop will typically be conducted inperson in a commuter setting with:

  • Didactic presentations
  • Observation of actual forgiveness session
  • Experiential learning of specific approaches and strategies
  • Personal practice and experience of forgiveness process

Please see online webinar version for an alternative version of this program.

Typical Workshop Schedule:

The following is a typical workshop schedule. The exact schedule may vary depending on location.

Six Hour Program

9:00-10:30 am
Establishing Core Resources to Create a Stable Foundation for Forgiving

10:30-10:45 am
mid-morning break

10:45-12 noon
The Three Faces of Compassion: Tenderness, Fierceness, and Mischievousness

12:00-1:00 pm

12:00-1:00 pm
The Dynamics of Resentment and Forgiveness
Seeking and Satisfying Objections to Forgiving

2:30-2:45 pm
mid-afternoon break

2:45-4:00 pm
Creating Resourceful States to Deal with Ongoing Difficult Relationships

Costs for 2024

In general the one-day 6 hr. continuing education program will cost $175 per person.

In some locations prices may be substantially lower depending on host organizations underwriting of the costs.

Please check the schedule and registration page for additional workshop specific costs and schedules.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Tuition Refunds

Your registration is completely refundable, minus a 15% service fee, up to seven days before the start of the program. Thereafter the registration fee will be forfeited.

For more information please see our Cancellation Policies.


Rob Voyle is an ordained Episcopal priest, psychologist, and executive coach. He is the Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute and is the author of: Restoring Hope: Appreciative Strategies to Resolve Grief and Resentment and Teach Your congregation How To Forgive. Rob was an original faculty member, and taught for five years at the College of Executive Coaching where he taught and coached hundreds of personal and executive coaches how to use appreciative inquiry as a basis for their coaching work.

Here is what Episcopal priest Charles Fels said after he learned the forgiveness process:

"Rob Voyle is a great teacher and a gifted priest. His unique approach to forgiveness has been immediately beneficial to a number of people in my own parish. Rob's healing ministry really works!"


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