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Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

Practical Appreciative Way based strategies to effectively resolve grief and resentment.


  • The Nature of Hope.
  • Resolving Painful Memories.
  • Resolving Grief.
  • Forgiveness and the Art of Releasing Resentment

What Readers Say

This book is a gold mine of practical methods to make things better. Ed Leidel, Episcopal Bishop and Congregational Coach serving North America.
Rob Voyle has produced the most comprehensive manual for dealing with the consequences of serious negative life events.
Andy Austin, author, The Rainbow machine: Tales from a Neurolinguist's Journal.

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Seminar Presenter

Rob Voyle

The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle is a leader in the development and use of appreciative inquiry in church and coaching settings.

Rob's Approach to Training

  • Helpful: Training must provide practical, sustainable solutions for today's challenges.
  • Humorous: Creativity and humor go together as people enjoy new insights.
  • Healing: We create opportunities for people to experience transformational insights that lead to new ways of living, working, and being in the world.

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         Helpful, Humorous, Healing
         approach to training.

Rob is an accomplished speaker and trainer. Participants consistently rate his training programs as:

"one of the best workshops I've attended in years"

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Restoring Hope: Appreciative Strategies to
        Resolve Grief and Resentment

Restoring Hope
Seminars and

This program is based on Rob Voyle's book: Restoring Hope.

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In this training program participants will learn:

  • How people's perception of time influences painful memories.
  • The dynamics of painful memories and how to resolve them.
  • To rapidly resolve grief so that people can remember their loved ones with love and gratitude rather than not-forget them by being miserable.
  • How to help people forgive and sustain a forgiving attitude toward people who have hurt them.

Who Should Attend This Program

  • Clergy and Chaplains
  • Psychologists and Pastoral Counselors
  • Coaches and Spiritual Directors

Continuing Education Credit

This program is presented in two different formats:

  • One day 6 contact hours of continuing education credit.
  • 2.5 day 14 contact hours of continuing education credit.

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Learning Objectives

  • To provide participants a model of painful memories and how to resolve them.
  • To provide participants with strategies to rapidly resolve grief .
  • To provide participants with strategies to forgive and sustain forgiveness.

Workshop Format

The workshop will typically be conducted in a retreat setting with:

  • Didactic presentations
  • Practice and experiential exercises
  • Time for personal reflection and synthesis

Day-Long Schedule

9:00 a.m.  Introduction to the Appreciative Way
9:45 a.m.  Understanding how we perceive time
10:30 a.m. Break
10:45 a.m. Resolving painful memories
12:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m.  Resolving grief
2:45 p.m.  Break
3:00 p.m.  Achieving Forgiveness
4:30 p.m.  Conclusion and Evaluation

2.5 Day Schedule

This program is presented following the Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry training program and will typically begin on a Wednesday after the lunch break.

The 2.5 day program will allow opportunity for participants to practice the strategies and develop their expertise is helping clients resolve grief and resentment.

Day 3:
1:30-3:15 pm     Understanding how we perceive time
3:15-3:45 pm     Walking Meditation and Reflection
3:45-5:30 pm     Resolving painful memories

Day 4:
9:00-12:00        Resolving Grief
12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30-3:15 pm     Achieving Forgiveness and Resolving Resentment
3:15-3:45 pm     Walking Meditation and Reflection
3:45-5:30 pm     Practice Forgiving and Resolving Grief

Day 5:
9:00-12:00        Developing Resources to Compassionately Respond to Difficult People.


Accommodation and facility use fees are extra and are dependent on the training locations and will be specified on the registration forms. Meals between sessions are typically provided for commuters.


Rob Voyle is an ordained Episcopal priest, psychologist, and coach. He is the Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute and author of numerous practical resources for applying the Appreciative Way to a variety of church and coaching situations.

Registration for Workshop

To register for the workshop please go to the training schedule and select register for the appropriate workshop. For additional information please contact Rob Voyle