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The Clergy Coach

Rob Voyle

The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle is a leader in the development and use of appreciative coaching in his work with clergy.

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The Career Coach

The Appreciative Way

The Dr. Kim Voyle is the Founder and Director of Pathfinders Career Services.

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The Appreciative Way

The Appreciative Way
Discover the essentials of the
Appreciative Way in this fast
read format book by
Rob and Kim Voyle.

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Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

Practical Appreciative Inquiry based strategies to effectively resolve grief and resentment.

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"Of all the training I have been to, Rob's notes are the ones I keep coming back to time and again for practical resources."
P.W. Conference Pastor.

Coaching Agenda: Yours and Ours

  • It is impossible to be "Agenda Free"
  • Our Agenda is to help you achieve Your Agenda in a way that:

       Increases your love, freedom, competency and

       Doesn't deprive others of what is life-giving to them

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The Coaching Agenda

Within the field of Coaching, often as a way to distinguish coaching from psychotherapy great emphasis is placed on the idea that coaching is free from the Coach's agenda, unlike psychotherapy where the therapist provides the agenda. We think this is an erroneous distinctions on several levels:

Firstly, competent psychotherapists always used the client's agenda as the basis for providing psychotherapy. Secondly, we believe as coaches and psychotherapists it is impossible to be agenda free.

We are all unique and have our own biases and perspectives on life and how life should be lived. Rather than trying to maintain an illusion of being agenda free, competent coaches are explicit about their coaching agenda and how that agenda may be of benefit to the client.

Our Coaching Agenda

  • Our agenda is to help you create your agenda and live the life you desire.
    Because you are personally responsible for your life, we help you as the client to set your coaching agenda.
  • We coach with integrity and consistency with our values.
    If your agenda or goals violate our values we will discuss the conflict with you. If we cannot find a place of shared value we will help you find alternative coaching or resources for you to achieve your goals. Our values are best stated in our Ethical Guidelines for coaching.
  • Our practice is based in the Appreciative Way.
    We are committed to living and working appreciatively. Please see Appreciative Coaching for more information about coaching from an appreciative perspective.
  • The outcome of coaching must be an increase in love, freedom, competency, and justice.
    We coach from an understanding of life that is formed by our Christian faith and as it is expressed in contemplative spirituality. We do not require that our clients share these beliefs nor do we impose these beliefs on our clients.
    We do however expect that the fruit or outcome of our coaching is that our clients grow in their ability to love, have a greater sense of personal freedom, and competency in their desired skills.
    We also expect that the coaching outcome will be just, that is, the pursuit of the Client's goals will not leave others disadvantaged.

Coaching Expertise

Another common statement made by many coaches is that "the coach is not the expert."

We find that a curious statement because personally we have no interest in being coached by someone who has no expertise and who isn't an expert coach. What we think the statement refers to is that a coach doesn't act as expert advisor simply telling you what to do. With that we do heartily agree. So what is the coach's expertise? An expert coach helps you develop your expertise in your chosen field.

A coaches primary expertise needs to be helping you become the expert in your own life.

Niche Coaching

There is one other area where coaches do bring specific subject matter expertise or "niche" expertise and may offer specific advice. For example, you may be starting a business or engaging in an activity in which you have little experience. In these circumstances you would engage a coach who does have specific knowledge about business startup or the activity you are engaged in. On the Coaching Spiral the coach would be working in the environment and skills area to help you develop specific skills or strategies to deal with environmental demands.

Most niche coaches have industry specific experience and knowledge in addition to their understanding of human motivation and facilitating change. When looking for a coach consider whether you need to develop specific skills and abilities and whether you will need a coach who has those skills to help you achieve your objective.

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